EASYWELL BIOMEDICALS is comprised of bold innovators and smart workers. Join us to be at the forefront of biotech production and research, develop innovative technologies, and shape the global supply chain.

EASYWELL BIOMEDICALS provides competitive salary packages for all of its employees. In addition to considering your academic background, experience and seniority, base pay is dependent upon job function, performance, and overall contribution. An incentive plan provides bonuses to eligible employees if EASYWELL BIOMEDICALS achieves and/or exceeds its annual economic profit objectives. Additionally, EASYWELL BIOMEDICALS offers stock option and cash funding shares to eligible employees. Various recognition programs reward outstanding individual and team performance.

Ensuring our employees’ physical health is a priority for us. EASYWELL BIOMEDICALS provides a competitive health assessment program to ensure that employees receive the care they need to maintain or improve their health. Moreover, group insurance for accident coverage may be a part of our employees’ fringe benefit package, depending upon the relevant government regulations for labor and health insurance.

Job Opportunities