If you received an interview notice, you have passed our preliminary screening process. We believe that the following tips can help you further present yourself to us. By presenting yourself well, you will be able to gain a pass to a potentially wonderful career at EASYWELL BIOMEDICALS. We wish you all the best!
Confirm interview
Confirm interview
Start off interview
  • 1. Interview Confirmation: Before coming for an interview, please double-check if you have received an interview invitation notice. Also, please download and complete the personal datasheet from our Personnel Recruitment System and send it to before the interview.
  • 2. Check Interview Location: Please double-check the interview location. If you are not sure how to get there, please refer to the Map and Transportation information. We advise you to come early to find parking.
  • 3. Confirm the interviewer’s information in order to minimize your waiting time.
  • 4. Interview Process: The whole interview will take about 2-3 hours (including the interview and a written examination). Please reserve adequate time.
  • 5. Result inquiry and potential second interview: After the first interview, we will inform you of the result by e-mail in around two weeks. Please wait patiently. If you do not receive anything from us by then, feel free to inquire our contact person directly.
    Please call our personnel recruitment department (03-6669596#897) and tell us the vacancy you have applied for, the interview date and time, and we will answer your questions at our earliest convenience.
  • 6. Having a cheerful and confident attitude will help you present yourself in the best light.
  • Thank you for reading the above information and we wish you the best of luck at your interview!